The Dance Minister’s Call to Release a Prophetic Shout

Authored by Dana Rainey


SHABACH is a clarion call to prophetically release a sound from heaven. In this dispensation of the Hebrew year 5780, God honors every word that is spoken through His children. This means when we speak God moves! This book will help the dance minister to understand the impact their voice has in the spiritual and physical realm and encourage them to let it out while they dance!

In this book you will learn:

● Why God calls the dance minister to shabach

● The physical and spiritual importance of your voice in praise

● Practical ways to shabach with your dance ministry or by yourself

● How to shabach while ministering with the music team during praise and worship

● The importance of spiritual mapping

● How to spiritual map


Dance minister, no longer should you be seen and not heard! The earth needs your roar, and you are called to release it for your churches, communities and nations! Let us shabach! 




Letters To A Dance Minister:

Lessons Learned From One Dance Minister To Another

Authored By Dana Rainey

Dance Minister,


    You deserve personal letters of encouragement to help you live and minister in the victory. Our souls need a refreshing. Too often we pour out, giving of ourselves in dance ministry and we never get poured into. Our internal needs have to be met. We need discipleship to handle problems, insecurities, fears and issues God’s way. If not we will be burned out, stressed and not healed while dancing and living for God, instead of from God. It will result in us serving in religious bondage, and not the true freedom in Christ Jesus.

     After 19 years of serving in dance ministry, experiencing tremendous obstacles, victories, test and triumphs, dance ministry leader Dana Rainey is transparent about her good and bad experiences as a leader and ministry co-laborer for small congregations, mega churches, and dance ministry communities. With a computer, Bible and countless lessons learned from the Lord, she writes 80 letters filled with scriptures, transparent testimonies, prayers, reflection questions, and advice concerning the heart of a dance minister, relationships with others, ministry outreach, spiritual victory and much more.


This discipleship devotional will encourage the dance minister to begin the soul work, spiritual awareness, deliverance, and healing to become a minister who dances and serves God from a position of victory!


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