For dance to be a direct interpretation of the spiritual realm and a conduit for healing and freedom.


To be willing vessels for the Spirit to move through with artistic expression.



Classes & Workshop


Open Clases-All levels can participate


Contemporary Dance Fusion

-Strengthen Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Lyrical dance techniques

-Establish a dance vocabulary for what you see and do physically

to express God's word in movement

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Contemporary African Warfare Dance

-Interpret the word of God through African movement

-Train in various styles of African dance, using your hands for war,

fingers to fight in the spirit realm through movement (Psalm 144:1)

*Offered as a workshop


Throne Room Movement (Prophetic Worship)

-Train in moving under the leadership of the Holy Spirit

-Learn your individual prayer language and how to dance in liberty unto the Lord

-Explore the purpose of dance ministry as it serves the church and the world

*Offered as a workshop


(Flags (Poleless)

-Train in flags for praise and worship unto God 

-Learn movement techniques and scriptures that support each movement

*Poleless flags are recommended and included in class price

*Offered as a workshop