Lessons From A Dance Minister: Stretch!!

Hi Dance Ministers,

Welcome to my new blog Lessons From A Dance Minister. It is a spin off from my new book Letters To A Dance Minister: Lessons Learned From One Dance Minister To Another. The book deals with emotional healing, deliverance and spiritual victory for the Dance Minister, but in my blogs, I want to address practical things Dance Ministers can do to help them become their absolute best for God. My desire is to motivate the Dance Minister to achieve their personal and corporate level of excellence spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. That is why I share my testimonies and teach. We are all in this world together so we might as well help one another. Amen? So here is the first blog and I am so excited to share it with you.

Today's blog is about stretching! Yes stretching!! Stretching your body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit, (1 Corinthians 6:19). God gave you a body to honor and glorify God. One of the ways Dance Ministers can honor their bodies is by stretching.

Think about the body being like an instrument. If you ever saw a musician prepare an instrument, you notice they fine tune it for practice and performance. It is the same with Dance Ministers bodies. We have to finely tune or stretch our muscles so when God is ready to minister through us and execute spontaneous movements, (you know what I mean especially when you let the Holy Spirit flow freely), stretching will prepare you.

I learned this lesson the hard way. I was the type of Dance Minister who could do anything God asked without stretching. I was naturally flexible. Although I knew preparing the body before ministry was important, I allowed my limber, youthful, never had a severe injury physique, to determine my preparation before ministry. As I got older, my lower back and hamstrings got tighter which caused me to experience aches and pains. One day after a rehearsal, which I did not stretch for, I noticed my back was sore but didn't think anything of it. The next morning I was in extreme pain. That was when the light bulb in my head came on and I realized I needed to stretch my body before and after ministry.

Some of you might be wondering what is a simple, not too painful, (if there is such a thing), stretch that you could do before and after ministry? One I highly recommend is hanging. Hanging is when you sit on the floor, straighten or slightly bend your legs forward, flex your feet, (toes pointing towards the ceiling) lay the torso either on or as close to the legs as possible and breath. Round or flatten the back, keeping the shoulders down while arms either touch your legs, feet or the floor. For support use a wall against your back or feet. This stretch executed for a few minutes is guaranteed to help you with flexibility. It is great for the hamstrings, lower, middle, upper back, hip flexors, calves and Achilles tendons. Combine this with breathing and your muscles will thank you!

Dance Minister, you only have one body so take care of it. Loosen those muscles so you don't end up with a million injuries after dancing hard for our Lord. Your body needs the fine tuning to minister God's movements effectively so don't forget to stretch!!!

Before I go:

1. I am teaching and ministering at the True Worshiper's Dance Conference in Darien Ct. on Friday May 19 through May 21st. Come and worship with some souled out for Jesus Dance Ministers! Details are on my web site under the calendar tab.

2. My new book Letters To A Dance Minister: Lessons Learned From One Dance Minister To Another can be purchased by clicking on the book title above or going to my web site at www.danarainey.com and clicking the Letters To A Dance Minister-Book tab. It is a blessing to hear how it ministers to people. Order your letters of encouragement today!

3. I am teaching an Afro-Modern Jazz class for ALL Dance Ministers on Saturday June 17th at Ripley Grier Studios located at 520 Eighth Avenue (Bet. 36th & 37th Streets) 16th Floor, New York, NY 10018. You can register for classes on my web site at www.danarainey.com under Life Movement Ministry-Classes tab.

I love you, I am praying for you and I believe God's best for your life!

In His Service,

Dana Rainey

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