Lessons From A Dance Minister: Got Water?

Hi Dance Ministers,

Welcome to my blog Lessons From A Dance Minister. It is a spin off from my new book Letters To A Dance Minister: Lessons Learned From One Dance Minister To Another. The book deals with emotional healing, deliverance and spiritual victory for the Dance Minister, but in my blogs, I want to address practical things Dance Ministers can do to help them become their absolute best for God. My desire is to motivate the Dance Minister to achieve their personal and corporate level of excellence spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.That is why I share my testimonies and teach. We are all in this world together so we might as well help one another. Amen? So I want to share with you a health problem I see within our community.

Many of us are dehydrated physically and spiritually. We lack the amount of fluid we need for our bodies which result in sickness, cramps and disease. Also we lack the fellowship of the Holy Spirit for peace, joy and healing. Well it’s time to drink water. Yes water! Physical and spiritual. The purpose of physical water is to replenish your body, eliminate waste and prevent illnesses. We need spiritual water to renew our minds, edify our spirit man and refresh our souls. As God’s children we can not afford to neglect drinking either form of water.

Your system is made up of 60-80 percent of water. As humans we need to drink at least half of the amount of our body weight to prevent dehydration. Depending on how much you weigh, the minimum eight glasses of water may not be enough.

Once we became Christians we received the living water of the Holy Spirit, (John 3:5, Ephesians 1:13-14). The Holy Spirit is a comforter, advocate strengthener and standby, ( Amplified John 15). Jesus offers this water to all who are spiritually thirsty and promises that we will never thirst again, (John 4:10). As Christians we can not afford to waist a day without fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

If you are anything like me you need physical and spiritual water daily. I sweat like it is no bodies business. All I got to do is lift up my arm to the Lord and next thing I know I am drenched. There were times when I sweated and danced so hard in praise and worship that I felt dizzy. As much as I wanted to believe that God placed such a strong anointing on me that it made me see yellow and almost fall out, the real reason was because I didn't drink enough water!

Also when I neglected to spend time in the presence of God, my dancing was restricted and hindered. Movements were not flowing in the Spirit. I was distracted, cluttered and it was hard to hear directions from God. So if I did choreography, it felt like I was going through the motions. If it was free and spontaneous worship, I was trying to figure movement out.

You may be thinking Dana, I drink plenty of water. Well Dance Minister is it living or dead? You may be drinking dead water. It looks alive but provide no benefit to your spirit, soul and body.

Most water companies and even what comes out of your pipes at home contain harmful chemicals and is processed toilette water. Disgusting right? Drinking it does more harm to our bodies than good.

Spiritual water can be dead also. There are plenty of books, teaching and music about spirituality that have nothing to do with God. Biblical scriptures are added to worldly philosophies to make it sound Christian but it misinterprets and misrepresents the Holy Spirit. Satan wants you to drink dead water full of religion, new ageism and occult. That spiritual water is a modification and substitution of the true and living water. It will pollute your soul and bring confusion.

So what should you do? For your physical hydration find and drink alkaline water. Alkaline water is loaded with calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium and bicarbonate minerals that the system needs. The best brands are Essentia, Trader Joe’s Spring and Alkaline water, Fugi and water you can find at Family Dollar called Crystal Geyser, (yes it has a decent Alkaline level of 7.0). Also you can purchase Alkaline drops from companies that promote health and wellness (if you would like information inbox me). For spiritual hydration, drink of the Holy Spirit. Pray, praise, worship, find scriptures that pertain to answers to your problems and how amazing Christ is and listen. Bow down and experience Christ filling your spiritual cup. He said out of our bellies will flow rivers of living water, (John 7:38). Let the Holy Spirit fill you up so then He can flow out of you. Only experiencing the depths of Jesus, can quench your thirst and transform your life forever.

Dance Minister, lack of water depletes you of what is good for your body, soul and spirit. Drinking the living physical and spiritual water will help you hydrate and be your absolute best. Don't live in dehydration. Amen!

Before I go:

1. My new book Letters To A Dance Minister: Lessons Learned From One Dance Minister To Another can be purchased by going to the menu option above and clicking the Letters To A Dance Minister- Book tab or go to my web site www.danarainey.com and clicking the book tab under the menu option. It is a blessing to hear how it ministers to people. Order your letters of encouragement today!

2. Afro-Modern Jazz class for ALL Dance Ministers will be on Saturday June 17th at Ripley Grier Studios located on 520 Eighth Avenue (Btw. 36th and 37th Streets) 16th Floor, New York, NY 10018. You can register for classes by going to the menu option above and clicking the Life Movement Ministry- Classes tab or go to my web site at www.danarainey.com and click the Life Movement Ministry- Classes Tab under the menu option.

I love you, I am praying for you and I believe God's best for your life!

In His Service,

Dana Rainey

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