Lessons From A Dance Minister: Has Your Dancing Replaced Your Dying?

Hi Dance, Flag and Mime Ministers,

I am celebrating the 1st year anniversary of the book Letters To A Dance Minister: Lessons Learned From One Dance Minister To Another! I praise God for the strength to step out on faith and the wisdom to write the book. As a result, Letters To A Dance Minister, reached hundreds of people throughout Europe, Caribbean, United States and Asia! Hallelujah!

Many shared how God used the book to disciple and heal them. They needed someone who addressed, related to, and solved their issues which are seldom discussed in ministry. Praise the Lord!

So to celebrate, I want to share my blog Lessons From A Dance Minister with you. In my blogs, I address practical things dance, flag and mime ministers can do to help them become their absolute best for God but this time, I want to share about the Letters To A Dance Minister book. So today's blog ask the question, 'has your dancing replaced your dying?'

You may be wondering what does the question, 'has your dancing replaced your dying' have to do with the Letters To A Dance Minister book? Well the book addresses issues within the heart and how to give them over to the Lord. Christ died to take full possession of your heart and wants you to release it to Him, through dying, (NOT A PHYSICAL DEATH), but letting go of sin, negative emotions, your plans and thought processes that are contrary to His and recieve His love, grace and the Zoe life, (Luke 9:23, Galatians 2:20, Ephesians 4:22-24, Colossians 3:5).

Although giving our hearts to God is His will for us, some ministers would rather get up and dance for Jesus than die to their selfish nature.

They join the ministry, dedicate their time and energy to serving others but when it comes to their own growth and transformation in Christ, they leap away!

Dance Minister, does that sound like you?

It was definitely me. When I joined the dance ministry, I was a Christian but in my heart, I was in the same mental and emotional condition as before I got saved. So there I was in dance ministry, practicing every week, praising and worshiping every service but not changing within. I was still jealous, insecure, competing, comparing, angry, revengeful, unforgiving and thought God loved everyone else more than me.

I tried to hide my heart through keeping busy in dance but eventually, what was in me began to manifest itself towards others and God. This revealed my need for God to heal and deliver me. I decided to die and let God have His way within my heart.

So after 19 years in dance ministry I write about God changing my heart. It wasn't easy but necessary in order for Christ to live comfortably within, experience life more abundantly in His Kingdom and dance from the position of victory.

I wish this book was available to me back then. I needed someone who understood what I felt and went through while in dance ministry, from lust, fear, insecurity, pain and could lovingly counsel and help me with the healing process. Well now this book is here and I want to offer it to you. Letters To A Dance Minister is a devotional containing 80 letters filled with scriptures, transparent testimonies, prayers, reflection questions and advice concerning who you are, your purpose, relationships, health, spiritual victory, education, ministry and much more.

My prayer for you is to purchase the book as a personal gift and/or for someone you know and let God use it as a tool to reveal and heal the issues in the heart.

Letters To A Dance Minister: Lessons Learned From One Dance Minister To Another can be purchased by clicking on the book image above.

Order your letters of encouragement today!

In His Service,

Minister Dana Rainey

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