Lessons From A Dance Minister: Vote & Dance!

Dance, Flag and Mime Ministers,

It is important that we vote to let our voices be heard and show the nation that God's kingdom and will must be done on the earth. Who we select in office will determine the nations policies and structure for the next few years. Vote for the person after God's own heart not the one who cares nothing about righteousness. 

Consider king Saul's reign versus king David's. Saul was a proud and selfish leader who was not concerned about God's agenda. As a result, the people suffered the consequences of his actions, (1 Samuel 31). Yet when David came into office as the new king, he made it his responsibility to glorify the Lord, (1 Chronicles 29:10-13). He placed prophets and worshippers in office, to honor the Lord day and night through music and song, (1 Chronicles 9:33). 

Ministers, I don't know about you but I want that type of person in political office. One who is concerned with God's heart, worshipping the Lord and implementing His standards.

Along with using our right to vote as a way to establish God's agenda, we must also use our dances to shift the spiritual atmosphere. When King David received the Arc of the Covenant, which is the presence of God, he danced and brought the Spirit of freedom to the environment. Since we carry God's presence within us, our dance can be used to bring freedom, healing and deliverance on the earth. 

Ministers, now is the time to vote and dance! Cast your ballot on the man or woman who has a Kingdom purpose. Then dance in prayer, praise and worship unto the Lord. Believe God will shift the spiritual atmosphere as you move. These actions will make a difference in our nation and throughout the world. Before I go:

-If you would like dance classes come to Life Movement School this Saturday November 10th from 11 am until 12:45 pm. Location is 2705 Reservoir Avenue Bronx NY 10462. To register copy or click this link:


-The book Letters To A Dance Minister is encouraging people all over the earth. If you would like a devotional designed to help your soul and bring you closer to God, copy or clink this link:


I love you all! Happy voting!

In His Service,

Dana Rainey

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